• Stay compliant to latest regulations including GDPR and POPI by making sure the right people get the right information through automated compliance controls
  • Never lose another document through strict user access rights and document capture that ensure that all documents brought into the system stay in the system.
  • Automate document processes and work flows by automating quality workflows from change control and training to expense claims – saving you valuable time.
  • Never worry about finding the right document version again with reliable, version controlled digital copies of all your documentation including a full history of each document.
  • Edit shared documents with zero hassles through easy document dissemination and collaboration whereby one document is available to all users at the same time, greatly reducing error and overlap.
  • Make better business decisions with the right data at your fingertips with the facility of finding any document within seconds, no matter who filed it or when.
  • Make your business audit – proof with easy records management with reliable, version controlled, digital copies of all your financial documentation.
  • Achieve a single customer view by connecting your document management software to your CRM system so that you can keep track of every bit of customer information from contact details to order sign offs secure in one place.



  • Simple and easy to use application
  • Reduce your scanning steps from 3 to 1 (Scan, Capture/Rename & Store) Digitise documents, reduce loss or damage of physical paper and information
  • Improve image quality for better, more legible documents


  • Scalable, flexible and customisable
  • Easy to use
  • Eliminates chaos
  • Addresses compliance requirements
  • Streamlines document lifecycle
  • Reduces time wastage and improves efficiency
  • Find information instantly, from anywhere
  • Remote, Web, Mobile and Offline access

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